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You best jump far


You just make out my blue streaks and can certainly make out my Elijah blue eyes.

Seriously cannot wait for the pandemoniumfromamerica cd. Dominic's voice will be heavenly playing on my car speakers. Even Half Fling will be interesting in traffic after a long day at work. The sexy bedroom voice of Shadow. and the haunting Maybe...

Right click and save -- these are on my own server...



Half Fling

Proof that Elijah and Dominic are thieving from Froda


Ahhhhhh thanks for putting those up!! I've been dying to hear what this CD is like! :D Weeee I love it!
No problem dear. I aim to please.
*jumps up & down* It's La! I see La! I see pretty La! You've got beautiful eyes, La...

And all I can say about the progressive sounds that are Viggo's music - whoa.
Oh dear lord La' thats umm interesting whispering thats a cute picture of you