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You best jump far

From this article on theonering.net

Monaghan is an active environmentalist, enjoys the outdoors, monkeys and football.

That just seems like a weird grouping of his character.

BTW-- to the lovely persons who've friended me in the last few days... Say hi- introduce yourselves. I don't bite. Hard.
I always enjoy new friends. I just like to know a bit about you and ask how you found your way to the goodness that is I.
Stop looking at me like I'm weird.

* you are wierd *

Shhh! they don't have to know this.

* It won't take them long to figure it out. *


Hello!!11!!1 I liEK friended you omfg asgdiga!!11!!

lol sorry. I just took my meds.
la!!it's bean!! what's up?? i've missed you! i like the article adn how they like thru football in there w/ allthe environmental stuff. l8er la

you've never bitten me, so yeh new people, she doesn't bite. (before i fixed it said she doesnt sod. sheesh)
have a awesome day mama la!