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You best jump far

I have a cold. My mouse is sticking and won't scroll up easily. I dropped a box marked fragile.

Today has been just dandy.

Amuse me...


*hugs* Shit happens. But you can always wash it off...
Thanks... I think.

Dom: Fucking hell. Been raining all over the world. I should build an ark... and impregnate one of each specie in the world. Including humans... I'd be like... the father of all beings... along with God... wouldn't that be something Billy? All of a sudden it will be COOL to be my friend and you will want to hang around me willingly. After that I can take over the world, make some improvements, plant some trees, hug some poor children... who incidentially are all mine... and when I die, if I don't get blessed by a higher power to live forever, my penis and my balls will be holy and be put away, only to be taken out for special holidays and religious rituals in the new religion called Dominism... ooooh Dominism.... a world of BDSM. Isn't that a great idea? I should start right away."
Ummm? OK... *scratchs head and goes on the hunt for Froda's meds*
It was in someones journal LOL I don't know...