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So today was Thanksgiving here in the good ol' USA. Not a bad day really...

I packed up some more stuff... My brother and his wife offered to help bring some things over... So my car, mom's and my brother's truck were loaded up and off we went...
My wooden video rack flew off the truck within two minutes of being on the highway... Landed in the breakdown and shattered into a million pieces. My brother and wife felt awful about it--- but I laughed- I thought it was highly amusing.

Dinner at the grandparents was good- still sick- so had great excuse not to kiss everyone. =P After dinner, was so tired just wanted to go home and sleep. But that's when we made the trip to my new place- after everyone was good and full.

This is SEX ... as I said to Froda- it's like he's reaching for you. nevermind the bloody ring.. for you. for me. *deep sigh* yeah.

This on the other hand is just soo adorable. I love the wide eyed look.
And I do have to show Andy love. How can you not?

I swear- when I don't check LJ during the day- I feel like I'm missing out on so much. You all make my day. (I always wanted to do that)

I probably should have cut the enrtry since it's so long- but, whatever.

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