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You best jump far

You what kinda of irks me. I wrote a poem about three years ago called "Something's Got to Give" and now Jack Nicholason has a movie coming out by the same name. For whatever reason, it irks me.

I finally turned up the heat. It's cold.

Sharlene came over tonight and helped me break down some of my boxes. I am so thankful. I hadn't had the energy to do it myself. But guilty all at the same time.

There's probably more. But I don't know what it is.


I get things like that too. I don't think I'm a trend setter by all means, things like that just seem to happen. Like I get my hair done a certain way then all of a sudden 2 months later I see all these celebrities with the same hairstyle. It scared me yesterday when I saw Cher with my hair.