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You best jump far

I am rather diappointed that theonering.net has yet to mention Dominic's birthday today.

Did you give Dominic love? Did you particpate in Patsie's b-day project?

I am still going through withdrawls. Still unable to access BagEndInn. I never realized how much I visited till I couldn't anymore.

Amuse me. It's Monday. Spam me. With lovely Dominic. Extra brownie points if you include his hands.


Dunno if you saw This, but it might entertain you no? You wanted hand action.
Oh yes- I have read that. Very beautiful.
oh, well, then, don't have more entertainment.



Just because it's the first Dom picture I stubbled across, alright?
Alright- works for me.
am i the only one not having problems with BEI?
probably- It's a remote server in New York, affected by the weather. Most of my area is not able to see it.