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You best jump far

of all the gin joint in all the towns, she walks into mine

Tell me this is not to die for.
Tell me you just can't wait for the lovely goodness that's going to come over the next week with all the premieres and such...
Tell me that I am not obsessed. I wouldn't believe you anyway.

I wanna use a new icon... But I can't. Not yet.


That picture is...mmmm...I love his bare feet :D
You aren't obsessed and I don't like chocolate ;)
I can't tell its not to die for...it is...mmm....
Just the man- the pose, the understated sexuality he oozes... ok going to shut up now.
It doesn't matter how many times I see it. It kills me.
I full-heartedly agree. But, i'm mad...I turned on the DVD awards only to find out--I had missed Dom by like 10 seconds. Grrr....oh well...thank goodness for repeats...=D
You know thats the hottest thing I've seen in like, forever. Mr Valo - TAKE NOTE!