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Today is the day.

I called out "sick" and then went back to bed for two hours.
I gave my glasses proper cleaning.
I picked out comfortable clothing.
I am showered and refreshed and ready to take on the world.
I am anxious and a little bit nervous.
I feel like I am going on a date. Except it's just me.
I checked my friends list and commented where I thought I should.
How early should one show up to this thing?
I haven't watched FotR or TTT for almost two weeks *twitches* just so I can enjoy the cineramic experience all the more.
I have my tissues stuffed in my purse.
I will buy some sugary snacks for energy.
I drank tea to sooth my cough. I don't wanna be coughing through the movies.

I think I am prepared... physically, I still don't know about emotionally.

***reminder to myself***
Buy milk and bread.

***reminder to my friends***
Don't let me forget the above reminder.

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