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My experience as a whole - spoilers are behind the cut.

After I posted yesterday- I left, good thing- I forgot how long it took to get to the cinema.
There were three screens showing it. Each pretty much packed. Not ever seat was filled. Each screen started and ended at the same time- so getting to consessions was bloody hell.
We received little gifts- A stone carved frame with a still from each movie. I was so tired last night- I forgot to check which movie frames I got.
There were a few Elves and a wizard. Oddly no hobbits. Oh and one dwarf- but he wasn't dressed up.

FotR -
I had never saw it on the big screen when it first came out. I am so glad I had the chance to see it with the EE.
*Biggest laugh came from Pippin at the Council of Elrond scene.
*Mines of Moria are amazing and sound better in the cinema.
*The crowd cheered when Aragorn lopped off Lurtz's head. -first of many cheers.

*Biggest laugh came from Merry and Pippin in Sauruman's larder. Merry's burp echoed...
*My eyes actually watered at Gollum being beaten by Faramir's hench men.

- to start- as soon as the lights went down- half the middle section of the audience yelled- "all hail King Elessar"

*Merry & Pipping smoking and eating on the wall of Isengard, brillant.

*Smeagol's transformation into Gollum. Creepily good.

*Sean Astin deseves an Oscar. Most of the scenes that brought me to near tears were the one with him. Sam's love for Frodo shines through. When they are on the slopes of Mt Doom, Sam is trying to remind Frodo of the shire. The whole "I cannot carry it, but I can carry you" - my heart surged into my throat.

*the lighting of the beacons. I must buy the soundtrack now-the score totally gave that scene the emotional element it needed.

*Eowyn kicks ass. Everyone cheered when she slew the fell beast. We hooped and hollared when she (and Merry- though you barely get to see it) took out the Witch King.

*The Army of the Dead was awesome. Laying waste to the baddies.

*Pig orc. creepy, ugly and deserved to be squashed.

*Pippin singing to Denethor. even though I heard the song previously, seeing it synch up with the movie, just gave it even more punch. The bastard Denethor, makes Pippin sing, and then totally proceedes to ignore him and make a total pig of himself. All the while Faramir is riding to his doom. That brought a swell of tears - but nothing fell.

*The 12 scenes of Dominic's that were cut, must have been good. There are parts that I know belonged in certain spots and may have added more creadence to the movie, but digress.

*Merry at the camp getting fitted for his uniform by Eowyn. He was like a child in that helmet. He whips out his sword and nearly nicks Eowyn.

*Gandalf wholloping Denethor- The theater erupted with laughter. OMG- totally unexpected.

*Shelob scared the crap out of me. Very realistic. And Samwise fought bravely.

*The coranation of the king- "No, my friends, you do not have bow before anyone." Stupified I was.

*Saying good bye-- This is where I really wanted to cry. The tears on Merry's face alone sent my heart breaking.

*things I look forward to on the EE DVD
-House of Healing
-Merry pledging to King Theodan
-a hopefully longer, more emotional reunion between Merry and Pippin on the battlefield
-the ability to pause when I need a bathroom break =P

Edited- Finally got the cut to work--- someone wanna shoot me now--- Lala so tired..

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