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You best jump far

I made some icons... Hope you like 'em.


oooh i really like em, especially the hands one. what program do you use?
I use Jasc Animation 3. I know your trial ran out and you didn't really like it, but I find it extremely easy to use.
no no i loved animation shop. it was so easy to use. did you buy it then?
Yes. I had the free trial- I liked it so much- I bought about a week into the trial


Nice icons dude. I like the last one. Hehehe.... I'm a bad boy. Will you punish me? Uh...*THUD* The pic so goes with that. But they are all great. Mmmm eyeliner.
I am currently VERY close to stealing your "Hands" avatar. I LOVE IT!!! *wink*
Feel free to nick it. I posted them for that reason.
Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

*grabs "Hands" avatar and runs off with it, laughing like a mad women*
I think I might just steal the Peace icon... ;-)
Be my guest love- I love to share.