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You best jump far



That's Billeh right? Fugh me! He looks so much like Johnny Lee Miller there!
Am stupified... *drools* Thank you, La! *bear hugs*
Welcome. You know me- aim to please.
I swear you have some of the wickedest icons....(I adore Dom's eyeliner...whoo!!) Make more X3! Billy is ok I guess...hes a wee ancient imo >.>;; lol *gets ready to be belted with stones by Billy fangirls ;_;*
Thanks - I don't think my icons are that great, but I do appreciate the compliment...

Can I ask how you came across me? I'm always up for new friends...
Gah..sorry for the long reply but I was gone ;_; I honestly don't remember whos journal I saw your icon in first...but I saw it in a reply box lol! Its odd, but if I see an icon or name I like I usually visit their page n_~!