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You best jump far

Froda made me a background- check it out... don't you just love that picture?

Christmas was good-

went to my parents, had ham and apple pie. Got pressies. Candles, 2 free movie passes, "the lion king" dvd, Cyndi Lauper- "at Last" , and a shirt.

I came home, made a cd for myself. Talked to my chickies. Also had a great conversation with Rob.

To my lovely beautiful therealsweetpea wishing you the best my dear. As I like to say. things do get better.


I love that picture in your backround! Yum. :)
Um, La (and/or SweetPea)

Why can't I comment on your (sweetpea's) LJ?
are you listed as a friend? if not- you cannot comment.
No, nope I'm not. Its cool, though, cuz Froda is gonna ask her for me...
I enjoyed it too hun..
glad you had a great chrissy La, I must be out of the chicky loop now because i have not talked to you in so long.....oh well talk to you soon nice background too, *wipes at drool*
yes la i adore your new backround pic. mmmmmmmm he looks so scrumtrulescent in that pic. gaaaaahh