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You best jump far

I always wanted to be a pink lady

ummm- hands.

is it me or does he look guilty of something in this picture?


*my name is Gizmo. I like to paint with my pal Dominic.* Hands again- He's teasing me- I swear.

*For Ma- see he's not doing what you think he's doing- oh and ignore the blonde on the right*

*again ignore the blonde

*There is no blonde. Just keep saying that.

have I mentioned how lovable this man is lately?


:x Thank you so much for posting these!! Since I'm in Oregon, I have been totally and completely out of the fandom loop, so holy COW to check in and see these!!! *fans self*

Thank you soo much, doll ♥ You are absolutely wonderful. *smooches*
Awww, you lovely, cute pink lady! Damn, you have such blue eyes! WOW!

As for the Dom pics - *covers Billy's ears* Da-yum!!!

Pink Lady

La -
You totally blew me away with your picture! Obviously, I didn't expect it! It looks like a portrait of you...like artwork. Your eyes, so blue!!

Re: Pink Lady

*giggles* thank you.

I Love You

Lala, great pic of you too!

*kisses Lala*
I can't believe you got larger versions of those black & white photos of Dom at the DVD Awards. Oh wait, yes I can...because you are Lala!
THANK YOU!!! *faints*

BTW, I was laughing at your comment. "Ignore the blonde. There is no blonde. Just keep saying that." Sounds like me. hahaha.
Ronda <3's Lala!

Like I've said somewhere else... that's just Anna Faris from the "Scary Movie" movies... probably a photo shoot.

Oh! You may be albe to help me with my layout. I want it like yours, but with the picture I currently have.
I use the boxer style. compressed the width down to 425 or 45o.. I dunno if that helps or not.
have I mentioned how lovable this man is lately?

Yesh :D
Duuude wtf LOL your hair looks like mine.
Really? hmmm- I likened your to more of an actual red.
i love your hair la it rocks, and damm its long...

Hugz for the dommyness you always share with us