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You best jump far

I had weird dreams last night.  One having to do with sazzaraz  and Ed Burns.  I dreamt I was a witch or something. Sazz was fretting over Ed Burns sleeping with her mother and was afraid her father would find out. (see- I told ya it was weird) so anyway... Ed decides to sleep in Sazz's driveway in a minivan. And I was in my own van watching on a monitor. So when Sazz's father came home, i waved my hand and made the van disappear. However the van showed up in the same parking lot I was in. Ed jumps out and finds me and scared the crap out of me. I woke up.


The other dream I will not post, because it goes into too much detail and was just plain strange.


Lmfao, man! What the feck? Haha XD I'm infecting your sleep, oo-ee-oo.

That's so weird. I didn't even think you knew what I looked like? Haha...

You're the 4th person from L&BA or thereabouts thats had a dream about me now o.O

Many more do.. they are just afraid to admit it :D

Haha =P Well you know, everyone loves me *flicks hair* =P

OMG. How funny!