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You best jump far

I am happy.

Are you happy?

I am happy.


I think I'm happy.
Did you watch ER tonight?
Miss you.
I'm glad you're happy Lala! I'm quite happy myself. Bean made me happy with our story. *sighs* Today was a good day. *sighs*
I am indeed happy!

I just bought the TTT EE today! *squee*

Please, Mamma, tell me why you are happy!
what is making la' so happy mandi wonders? is glad someone is .......xxx

Out with it then, La! C'mon!
Well, I'm happy you are happy. Whatever the reason. hint hint
Happy as ever! LOL! :)


Hinting around in one post is funny, hinting around in every other post is boring.

Attention craving people make for boring reading.