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You best jump far

Hinting around in one post is funny, hinting around in every other post is boring.

Attention craving people make for boring reading


I rec'd that message from an anonymous user in my last post.

First off, Can I just say that I am not hinting around at anything. I was in a really good mood last night and I wanted to spread the love.

As far as boring reading. if you read my bio, I state very plainly about my life and what it consists of.  What you see is really what you get... if I bore you, please remove me. I love having friends, but if I offend or bore anyone with my posts, don't stick around. Don't feel obligated to stay.

Ok. I'm still happy.  =P


Whoa...people aer weird sometimes. I'm glad you're happy. I'm happy too.
Ha ha... I love you Dumbass... that's great... You are so great... thank you.
Strange message you received from anonymous! Who would think it was boring to hear that someone is happy?...or even hints at being happy?...That's like saying it's boring to hear that someone is grateful?


Depends why that person is happy... I guess.