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You best jump far

like any of you all care.

My first attempt at using a template...

Thanks to daliahellyes for the link to the tutorial.


awww la thats so cute, cept for freaky eyes
Thats so awesome!

It looks really grreat! Could you possible make an Icon for me using a black and white Dom picture with the same flower thing?
of course I can- any particular picture?
Ummm...no, all of them are great. Any will work. Or even those new ones of him that are like, brown and black? You know, the ones you found?
That is so awesome! I have yet to actually TRY out the tutorial myself LOL.
Pretty! Yum.
That's so cool! I'm downloading Paint Shop right now and try the tutorial so I should be posting some soon. Great work lala! Are you making more?