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You best jump far

Nicked from mindmangler

If you were born in the year
1904 1916 1928 1940 1952
1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024
you are...

The Dragon

Determined, giving, intelligent...

The Dragon sign is one of knowing exactly what they want and how to get it. They don't accept defeat, and are often the center of activity and fun. Ever powerful, they can become quite wealthy, though they generally don't care that much about the wealth as they do the power. The Dragon sign demands perfection in himself and in others. Some good cocktail choices are...

Flaming Dr. Pepper
French Connection
Gyspy Cocktail

what are you?

The meaning is soo spot on. I'm just waiting on the wealth... *checks under the couch* nope not there...
As far as the drinks...I will have to try some of those... I actually never head of any of them except for the Fireball and the French Connection. I never tried them though... I more of tequila girl myself. As many of my lovely ladies will attest.

Have I GIP'd this icon yet?

If not --- GIP


The Rat

Curious, hoarder, relentless...

Rats love a challenge and are very loyal to those close to them. They like to observe and are always learning. They have a lot of friends and their smile wins most over to their persuasive ideas. You will either love or hate the Rat. Consider yourself a great friend if a Rat buys you a drink. Cocktails for the sign of the Rat include...

Black Devil
Caribbean Breeze
Rob Roy


Hey, I'm a Dragon too. And that description was pretty accurate for me as well. Spooky.

I've had a Flaming Dr. Pepper. I remember it was on fire at first and it scared me.

I am a sheep....Your bro and dad are dogs....WOW! So right on! (except I don't see the artistic in me). Explain my artistic, if you can. *asks for help*