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You best jump far

I sooo need a better version of that Japanesse press confernce. Does anybody know what the signs said that they held at the end. My video is so blurry and my eyesight sucks, Could anyone make it out?

I heard from my ex's neice Shana tonight. That was kind of unexpected. But very welcome. I consider her my neice too. She's so grown up now. She lives on her own. She's going to college in the fall..She got a partial scholarship... Oh ma, if you can, could you see if you still have Aunt Anita's # in Neveda?

It's been a long day. I'm going to bed. If anyone knows where I can get a better version of that press confernce that would be great. If someone could at least tell me what the signs said, I would so much appreciate.


Well, la, wish I could help but mine was prolly just as bad...
i saw'd it without many probs...and from my cruppy japanese i'm pretty sure that all the signs said were their names in hiragana.
err... melody2tds passed me hers... and so far it's pretty good... I can try send it to you via AIM/MSN... but I don't know can I send it without making it stall.