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you are no elf...

So I had a dream with Viggo in it last night. Umm ok. it was interesting. Viggo was in a band and I was his Penny Lane. I remember pretty vividly his soft spoken voice telling me he loved me and hugging him... ^.^

So anyway. went to Wal-Mart today. I bought a web cam... I may return it. it's not the quality I expected. Either that, or I'm just not pretty enough. *rolls eyes*

I talked to my brother today. He was telling me about his dog. The dog didn't take too well to housebreaking. So they got the dog, doggy diapers. I could not stop laughin when I heard that. I laughed even harder when he said that they even have a little cut out area for his tail... OMG- what will we think of next?

Watching LotR FotR. So will either have more Viggo dreams or Maybe get lucky and have some nice slashy Merry and Pippin dreams.

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