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Beliefs - I could agrue all day about what I believe

In God? No
In ghosts? Yes
In aliens? Yes
In Bigfoot? No
In makeup? if the occasion calls for it
In faeries? No
In ESP? Yes
In superstition? Yes
In equal rights for gays? Yes,
In equal rights for women? Yes
In psychics? Yes
In appearance? No
In auras? Yes
In true love? Yes
In happy endings? Yes
In abortions? Yes
In Santa? No
In soulmates? Yes
In magic? Yes
In cloning? No
In fraggles? the all knowing Trash heap says I should
In werewolfs? No
In vampires? I believe that there are persons with vampire tendencies
In miracles? no
In existing thylacines? Tasmanian wolves, umm yeah.
In nessie? No
In existing dinosaurs? No
In intteracial marriages? Yes
In adoptions? Yes
In saving the rainforests? Yes
In saving dying species? Yes
In the human race? Only the smart ones
In recycling? Yes
In blue tigers? No
In tattoos? Hell yeah
In plastic surgery? No
In love in general? Yes
In animal rights? Yes
In the death penalty? Yes
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