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You best jump far

Currently listening to my two best friends fighting. Over money. And they want to get married...? ~.^

Started reading the Hobbit again today.

Bored out of my skull.

Cannot wait to get home and download the clips from "loveline". I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but tis not easy.

Forgive me for sounding stupid, naive, and/or totally clueless, but what the hell is a gouch? I am gathering from what I've read thus far it is another word for penis. Am I right? And if so, where did this term originate, because lord knows I've never heard it before?


Well, according to Dom, a "gouch" is the area between the penis/testicles and the butt. That strip of skin. He said he wants his extended. Giving proof to my theory that he is indeed a freak. :)


Well I'm glad that's cleared up.

Not sure what other thought I can formulate, but glad that's cleared up.