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You best jump far

I went on a cleaning jag as soon as I got home. In between downloading various clips of the loveline thing. I've finally sat down to listen. I haven't finished it yet. There seems to be a lot of contraversy about the shoutout that occurred. Haven't listened to it yet, but I have formed a slight opinion.

It takes balls to first make the call and stay on the line to actually talk on one of these shows.
It was all in the name of love for friends to ask for the shoutout. I can appreciate that. I can recall several things that have been requested to personalize a meeting or encounter thereof.

I say regardless of what was said, it happened. It's a moment in time that many people in the fandom will never forget.

So I hope that everyone can get over this soon. There is no reason for the fandom to be divided over such a trival issue.

We all seek the same thing - we all want to get just that much closer to those we obsess over. Some take more obvious steps, taking every opportunity they can to get themselves known. To be remembered.
Some quietly squee and never work the nerve to say hello. To be forgettable.

I don't want to be forgettable, I want to leave an everlasting impression on anyone I come in contact with.

I can only hope that the girl who talked about downloading songs from pandamoniumfromamerica, downloaded it from my site. Makes me happy to think, she probably did. That's a good feeling.

I say don't have regrets. Live for the moment. Do what you want to do. Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't have done or said something. It's your life. Have an opinion, go the extra mile, be remembered.


There's controversy about the shoutout? Why? What is being said? I wasn't surprised at all that someone called in and asked for one. Even if it did confuse Dom.


There are quite a few people who had complained that it was embarressing to the fandom.


Embarrassing to WHOM? To the whacked out squealing girls who will never meet him? Come on.
*Nods* Well said! *Lifts glass* Cheers to that!
People think that was embarassing?

Good grief. Let Dom read my journal. Bwahahaha!