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You best jump far

robderosa is now God.

Sorry stellypippin you lost your title.

He doles out gentler punishment then you anyways. =P

If it's any help- I finished your icon... hope you like- I couldn't get the font quite the way I wanted..

I am going to see RotK again tonight. It's been too long since I last saw it. I watched FotR last night and just finished TTT now. So had my own little trilogy thing going.


What?! Rob took my title away?! GASP! Ah well, I must say that I did enjoy my tenure as God...

So, Rob God - when am I gonna get Billy??

And La - the icon is fab! Love it!! XD Thank you so much!!

There aint no WAY Rob is God!!!! >.< How on earth did that happen???

Stel.. *slap* Get yourself together woman! We can't have a man as God!
Ah, lucky! I hope I can get some cash to see it before it leaves the theaters!
He's my god.. well next to Dom :)