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Everlasting gobstopper

13 April 1976
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Well I figured it was time to update this again. I haven't updated this journal very much over the last year. I've had my reasons. I've developed a few new obsessions as of late. I'm ridiculously obsessive. I find something, someone I like and I latch on. Men, scruffy looking men are high up on my list.

I'll never claim to be perfect. I have my issues. This journal is mostly gonna be about the good stuff going on in my life.

My life in nutshell. I was born, I was adopted, I grew up, I love, I hate, I fear, I cry, I laugh, I smoke, I drink, I stare, I point, I poke, I prod, I sing, I dance, I cut, I heal, I write, I live.

Aren't you glad you friended me now?

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